The Choice

A really feel good movie – The Choice. I’m really amaze by Nicholas Sparks novels because every story sparks hope in every person’s heart.

The Choice is a movie about 2 persons who fell in love unexpectedly, though the other had a previous engagement with her partner, faith help them through and bring them together to share a lifetime together. An unexpected event happen that shattered their lives along with their children but the guy didn’t gave up his wife and belived that one she will wake up from coma and come back. Well you all know the end to it – the girl woke up from coma and they lived happily ever after.

Such an inspiring story  – from the choices one makes in their everyday life to finding that someone you know is the other half of your heart. Its true that every choice you make leads you to another path that may or may not make a massive effect in your life. It can broke you down or it can lift you up but whatever it is, every choice is the one you wanted. If it broke you down, from my experience, learn from it and start building yourself again. Lean on to your family and friends because they will help you through. If it lift you up because its what you wanted all along, thank God because He rewarded you with such a great blessing and appreciate the presence of it everyday.

The choice I made for us is the right thing to do now. There’s no reason for it, its just the right thing to do for the both of us. Though I know I won’t erase the memories and everything we shared but I have to start somewhere. I want to believe that I can look at someone like I look at him. I want to believe that the “time froze” moment I had with him will happen with the one that’s really meant for me. And I want to love someone, like crazy and unconditionally, far more than I loved him and this time its forever. I guess I’m just used to him and at times, I think that no one can love me and no one can give me the world just like what he did. I guess that part makes me think that I really loss such a huge person but I know God has greater reasons for doing so and that reason is my partner in life. I know he will love me far more than he loved me and he will give me everything that he can give to me and our family. And that he won’t gave up on me because of small or big mess in our life but instead we will endure it together and become more stronger as a couple than ever before. He’s that someone who will always choose me everyday until we’re both old. I greatly believe in him because I know he’s out there.

I just have to believe and wait.