Dog lover

Dogs have been a huge part of my life ever since I had one. They are very talented creatures that are fun to be with, loyal, obedient, gets excited when they see you, intelligent, obedient and loves you more than they love themselves. Whenever I watch movies which has dogs in it, I get more sad when a dog dies. I literally cry my eyes out because I can’t stand seeing a dog die. Dogs are really loving creatures because they love their person so much that they can sacrifice themselves for them. I’ve seen many movies and real stories which shows the greatness of dogs.

In my life, we had so many dogs and I loved them all so much. There was this one dog that when she died, I really cried a lot because she was just a baby then. One of our first 2 dogs, even came back to our house after being given away by mother because their ticks had worsen. I remember also the dog that my ex-boyfriend gave to me, when he was bitten by one of our big dog and blood is gushing from his mouth, I ran after him even though I know its risky. When I caught him and told him that its okay, he calm down and stop crying. But probably one of the memorable dog we had, was Chuchai.

20121226_110611She’s a very protective, cheerful, loyal and sometimes stubborn dog who was always hungry that she can ate anything. She can put her paws in your hands when you say so. She was also allowed in our house at times but that was whenever mom was not around. But the one thing that I always remember about her was when the time that I was alone at home and I told her to come in the house to be my company. She didn’t hesitate to come in and just lay there on our floor and watch me sleep. Even though there were people passing by which gets her excited and noisy everytime, she didn’t made a noise because I told her I would sleep. She really can understand every thing we say to her. Too bad she died of old age and didn’t get to spend more time with her.

Currently we have 5 dogs and though there a bit of a headache at times, its not the same without them. Whenever I get home, they are the first thing I go to. My chow chow gets so happy and excited whenever he sees me and when he’s in a good mood he lets me pet him but for only a few minutes. That hot-tempered dog! 😛 Our labrador is also a joy, too. She’s a lot of fun because there’s a lot of energy in her. She can understand us but she’s stubborn at times. I really love dogs so much that I can’t stand being without them. They’re a great addition to one’s family because they can love everyone and be loyal to them for their whole lifetime.





One day while I was browsing in Youtube I’ve found these 2 videos about how will I meet my other half. The first video makes you look at a pool of letters to find the answer to various questions. The first question, what my future partner will notice first in me, and the first word I found made me laugh because its one of my traits which I always ask my friends to stop me if I’m too much and by the way its chatty. I tend to just babble about anything non stop, not even noticing if the one I’m with would like to talk. The second question is what I love in my future partner and its driven. The third question is where will we meet and this just made me smile because the first word I found was class. I mean who knows maybe its one of my high school or college batchmates then because I’ve been really praying that I hope my future partner will be someone I already know. And the last question and the first word I found gave me a really big leap of hope – How long will me and my future partner last and the word that I found is forever.

The second video I found has a number of questions about how will you meet your future partner. After answering those questions and calculating the points, the result gave me goosebumps. It says that I already found him. It said that we may not know for now how we feel for each other but we certainly know each other and in time we will realize our feeling for each other.

*Sigh* I wonder who could that be. I hope he comes my way soon.



An unusual novel that I just finished just now. Everyday by David Levithan is about A, someone whose been travelling from one body to another – living the lives of different persons everyday. All was the same until he met Rhiannon. He embodied Justin’s (Rhiannon’s boyfriend) body and spent one blissful day together with her and since then he can’t stop thinking about her. Even though its dangerous for him to do so, he makes his way to see Rhiannon even though its different person everday. Until one day, he entered a wrong body and that person thought (the day after) that he was possessed. This doesn’t bother much A at first because he was to fixated to Rhiannon that he end up confessing everything to her. Clearly he was in love with her and Rhiannon, too, though she was confused on how they’ll be starting a proper relationship if A is a different person everyday. After all, looks still matters to every person. In the end, A and Rhiannon parted ways and A started a conquest to learn more about what he really is, if there are others out there like him and if he could stay on one person’s body not for one day but for a lifetime.


The book taught me 1 thing – to live in the present. I normally get anxious of what tomorrow could bring especially if there’s a special event ahead and I get too depressed on the past because there are some things and people who I wish I had more time to spent with. But this book, taught me that its far more important to live in the present because this is what we can control. Not everyday is the same. Not every people will still be here tomorrow or the next day or the next month. There’s no point in dwelling with the past because its gone and there’s no point in getting anxious in the future because its yet to come though at times preparation can be in place. The people, job, home, life, environment – everything we have now are what matters.

Sherlock Holmes

Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, for the past weeks I’m getting crazy over Sherlock Holmes (the TV series). At first I was not fond of it even though my sisters are very fond of it, but after getting Netflix, then getting curious about the TV series and watching the first episode, I can’t stop watching it especially with Benedict Cumberbatch in it *sigh*.

I first watched Sherlock in the movie where Robert Downey Jr. was Sherlock. It was a funny and intelligent movie. Sherlock is a very intelligent and skillful detective who has his ways of solving huge crimes in London alongside his best buddy John Watson. Robert portrayed the role very well that its one of my favorite movies because of its comedic genre plus Jude Law is such a hunk in that movie portraying as Dr. Watson. The TV series is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch as Shelock and Martin Freeman as John Watson. Sherlock in the TV series is a bit more less heartened guy in the first season, especially when he’s with other people because he and Mycroft (his brother) thinks highly of themselves. He’s also more enigmatic that only a few understands him. But all in all, both movie and TV are a good watch – a very interesting movie that can trick the mind.

Plus Benedict Cumberbatch is such a guy even though he’s married. He’s also best friend with Tom Hiddleston even though he’s with Taylor Swift *annoyed*. It makes me want to go and live in London more.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much!