A really feel good movie – The Choice. I’m really amaze by Nicholas Sparks novels because every story sparks hope in a person’s heart.


The Choice is a movie about two neighbors who fell in love unexpectedly, though Gabby had a previous engagement with her partner. Love paved the way for them but an unexpected event happened that challenged their love for each other.


Such an inspiring story  to find that someone out there is really the one for you.

Its true that every choice you make leads you to another path that may or may not make an effect in your life. It can broke you down or it can lift you up but whatever it is, every choice is the one you wanted. If it broke you down, learn from it and start building yourself again. Lean on to your family and friends because they will help you through. If it lift you up because its what you wanted all along, thank God because He rewarded you with such a great blessing and appreciate the presence of it everyday.

If you need inspiration pills, The Choice is the right movie to sit back and watch.


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