Oh My Ghost

A romantic-comedy with a bit of thrill Koreanovela starring Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk. Synopsis: Believing that dying a virgin was her grudge, Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi) possessed Na Bong-sun (Park Bo-young) to help her resolve it. Bong-sun is working as an assistant chef to Kang Sun-woo's (Jo Jung-suk) restaurant and has been crushing on … Continue reading Oh My Ghost


Avengers: Infinity War

A long awaited movie that exceeded fans expectations. Synopsis: Thanos has been on the quest to gather the 6 infinity stones. This is to fulfill his evil purpose which is to wipe out half of the universe's population. Now its up to the Avengers to stop Thanos from collecting all 6 infinity stones and save … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War

A series of unfortunate events

This Netflix show is literally a series of unfortunate events.   Synopsis: The Baudelaires orphans lost their parents to a mysterious fire. With nowhere to go, Violet, Klaus and Sunny has been handed from one guardian to another. However, one persistent guardian keeps on following them wherever they go. Count Olaf is not after taking … Continue reading A series of unfortunate events

Movie review: Bleeding Steel

A Jackie Chan action movie with a bit of cliff-hanging end. Synopsis: Officer Lin, Jackie Chan, is part of a special force to protect a witness from being ambushed by an inhuman type of gang whose after the witness' creation. Years after, after being successful in protecting the witness' creation, Officer Lin and his special … Continue reading Movie review: Bleeding Steel

Movie review: The Greatest Showman

A fascinating musical show of talented actors and actresses. Synopsis: The Greatest Showman revolves around P. T. Barnum drive to bring a great show from unique people. They offer magnificent musical shows, variety performances and circus acts. It's based from the real life story of P.T. Barnum road to fame with the Barnum and Bailey … Continue reading Movie review: The Greatest Showman