HIMYM quote

“We all see what we want to see, when we’re ready to see it.”

Ted was saying this on the last part of an episode and it caught me. There were a lot of times in my life that God grants my wishes and prayers easily because I know and He knows I am ready for it like the career opportunities, relationships, etc. It got me thinking on what I’ve been asking for almost 4 years now – my soulmate, my forever. I guess God sees that I’m not that 100% ready for another relationship which I’m also asking Him to be my last because He doesn’t sees I need it in my life right now. I want to try a lot of things – travel, new hobbies, pursue my career, give a business to my family. I also can don’t see myself yet with someone new right now because I’m enjoying life with my family, friends and work. Though yes, I can still do it with him by my side but I know myself well during a relationship. I tend to focus myself to the guy and forget my goals. Maybe God wants me to fulfill first my goals that requires focus before He’ll give me the one. I know in time, all will eventually fall into place and me and him will meet at the right place and at the right time.