First off, I’m so amazed by Wonder Woman! She can turn down and beat anyone up and in a very cool way. She’s really amazing. Thumbs up! 👍 #girlpower

The first part of the movie led me to be a bit confused of the storyline maybe because I don’t really know much about Superman. But the latter part really blend it all the way – two superheroes fighting for what they believe in and in the end joined forces to kill a monstrous being. The fights in the end were really cool! ğŸ˜Ž It really showed how powerful Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are. I must admit also that I’m impressed on how Ben Affleck gave justice to being Batman. I was hesitant before because I really liked Christian Bale as Batman but Ben played the part very well. And Henry Cavill is so handsome 😍.

All in all the movie for me is 9 out of 10. Great movie! 👌


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