Movie review: Batman versus Superman

First off, I’m so amazed by Wonder Woman! Though she’s not really one of the popular characters in the DC world but she can turn down and beat anyone up and in a very cool way. She’s really amazing. Thumbs up! 👍 #girlpower

The first part of the movie led me to be a bit confused of the storyline maybe because I don’t really know much about Superman. But the latter part really blend it all the way – 2 superheroes fighting for what they believe in and in the end joined forces to kill a monstrous being. The fights in the end were really cool! 😎 It really showed how powerful Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (especially her). I must admit also that I’m impressed on how Ben Affleck gave justice to being Batman. I was hesitant before because I really liked Christian Bale as Batman but Ben played the part very well. And Henry Cavill is so *sigh* handsome, a boy next door 😍.

All in all the movie for me is 9 out of 10. Great movie! 👌


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