Social media craze

I'm on a Facebook and Instagram diet for 40 days as my Lenten sacrifice. Admittedly, I'm a social media addict. Whenever I wake up, on route or there's nothing else to do, I browse excessively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. I want to be updated on the daily life of my friends, of other … Continue reading Social media craze


The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the TV series that I can watch over and over again. Its a humorous and witty show which really got me hook from its first season up to its eleventh season. Synopsis: The Big Bang Theory revolves around the highly intelligent but with OCD theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory

Movie review: Black Panther

Wakanda! Another MCU franchise which conquered the movie screens lately, Black Panther tells the story about the events after the death of King T'Challa's father (which was seen in another MCU franchise movie Captain America: Civil War). Honestly I haven't watched the movie trailers for Black Panther but since its a MCU movie (and I'm … Continue reading Movie review: Black Panther


This has been a hot topic lately and it can affect just about anyone. Depression can consume one's life and time. Depression root from the following reasons: Broken relationships with family, friends, colleague or significant other, Stressful work Bullying or pressuring thoughts of other people towards you Low self-esteem or continuous negative thoughts Its easy … Continue reading Depression