Hello 2016!

Another full year ahead of us and I’m so early at work. I’m so excited about the plans and goals I had set this year. One of which is the summer trip I planned just the other day for my family. They’ve been requesting me for this one few years back and now I’m going to make it happen. Can’t believe I still remember all the places we’ve went to there and now I’m bringing my fambam to see all those beautiful places especially this one πŸ™‚


Another goal is (for the nth time >.<) to be fit. I need to have that beach body for summer. I guess I shouldΒ buy a bikini that I’ll be really wearing on that summer trip so that I’ll be motivated. LOL.

I have a lot of stuffs that I’ve planned for myself and my family, but the most important one is removing toxic people or stuffs in my life. I’ve just had enough of needy people who just remember you when they need you or their lonely. And then when their done, you’re just nothing. I should just focus myself on people who really care and who’s always there even if they don’t need anything from me. They are the ones who matter. They are the ones who deserve me and my time.