Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

I want to watch it again! Me and my friends were all laughing all the time while watching the movie because its very hilarious. Its like the main genre of the movie is comedy. All of the characters throws witty lines to each other especially baby Groot (even though he’s just saying I am Groot with his baby voice) and Rocket.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is a sequel about the Guardians of the Galaxy who, after vol.1, has been saving the galaxy from various villains. The first villain they’ve encountered, even though she’s not supposed to be a villain because of Rocket stealing the special batteries, is Ayesha. But the main villain is Ego, Star Lord’s father. Due to his selfish intents, he starts impregnating different life forms from every planet he has been to in search of finding the second Celestial. He invited Star Lord along with Gamora and Drax to his planet and educated Star Lord of his powers. He was about to be successful when he spilled out that he planted a tumor to Star Lord’s mother which led to her death. The guardians along with Yondu, Mantis and Nebula helped Star Lord reach the planet’s core which is Ego’s heart. However, only a small creature can fit and travel right to the core of the planet and this began one of my favorite scene in the movie. Rocket instructs baby Groot to bring the bomb to the core and push the button which will give them minutes to get out of the planet but since baby Groot doesn’t follow instructions well yet, he keeps on pointing on the button which will blow instantly. A very funny scene indeed because they Rocket even asked Star Lord for a tape. I mean who in the world can have a tape in a battle scenario? 🙂 LOL Eventually they were successful but Yondu sacrificed himself in order for Star Lord to live. In the end, a funeral was held and the Ravager community honor Yondu for the last time.

There are 5 end credit scenes in the movie and I think one of them is the most important for the upcoming Marvel movies and this is Ayesha’s creation of Adam Warlock. All of the infinity stones have been identified in the past Marvel movies and only of them is missing which is the soul gem. In the comics, Adam Warlock holds the soul gem and is one of the main characters in the Infinity War. I hope the next Marvel movie will show more details about him.

All in all Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 is a movie that is full of laughs. Its like every character has lighten up from their kind of dark personality from vol. 1 even Nebula. They have this familial vibe which makes them able to throw hilarious comments to each other.  And I really love baby Groot! He’s really a baby there that’s why he’s not that involve in the fighting scenes. He’s just dancing his way around during the fighting scenes. It’s a really cool movie that you won’t be bored watching. 🙂



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Because of this Koreanovela, I really know now what I want in a man. Its really because of Park Hyungsik that’s why I watched this one. *So dreamy*

It’s about Do Bong Soon (Park Bo-young) who was born with super human strength which was pass on through generations of women in their family. If they use their powers by hurting innocent people or abusing them, they will forever lost it. That’s why Do Bong Soon only uses it to help and save people who needs helping. One day, while she was helping a school bus driver who was being bullied by gangsters, she was seen by Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyungsik) while she was performing her super strength. She was then hired by Min-hyuk who was the CEO of a big company as his body guard. That’s how their lovestory started even though Bong Soon has her eyes on her first love Gook Do (Jisoo).

Its a mix of romance, comedy and crime because of the gangsters who where after Hyungsik and the annoying kidnapper who where after skinny and pretty women in the place where Bong Soon lives in. No wonder it has high ratings because the story is fast phase and very good. I really love the personality of Hyungsik in the story because of his love for Bo-young’s character. Even though Bo-young doesn’t like him at first but since he was very persistent with his feelings, Bo-young fell for her. And he’s always there for her even at the midst of danger. They’re both willing to sacrifice each other’s lives for each other. To add up to the story are the humorous characters like the gangsters, Bo-young’s family and Min-hyuk’s assistant. Another must watch Koreanovela!


Hwarang: The Poetic Warrior of Youth

Call me one crazy fan but I’m really fond of this koreanovela right now that I think I watched it from start to the latest episode twice. And its because of Park Hyungsik! *So handsome*


Hwarang is about a group of gorgeous men who even though has their own history on their own, were merge together to form Hwarang – the Flowery Knights of Silla.

Park Seo-joon plays as Moo-myung and Sun Woo. He has a very strong character who is not afraid of whatever is infront of him especially if it means saving those that he cares for. Go Ara plays as Kim Ah-ra, a physician who is a strong willed girl that caught the attention of both Park Seo-joon and Park Hyungsik. Park Hyungsik plays as Sammaekjong/Ji Dwi. He is the next in line king for Silla but was kept in hiding by his mother. He’s a determined guy, going for everything he wants, even the attention of Go Ara. Choi Min-ho (Shinee), Do Ji-han, Cho Yoon-woo and Kim Tae-hyung (BTS) plays as the Flowery knights as well.

This koreanovela is a must watch because even though it involves historical pieces in it, its very entertaining because of the great cast, the love triangle and the humour of the Hwarang guys. Though they keep on fighting with each other due to differences in their political opinions, it doesn’t appear like an action movie at all. Plus, all of them are so handsome and manly, especially Park Hyungsik! 🙂 I can’t wait how he will get the throne from his mother and get all those arrogant officials off their posts. And also how the love triangle will end for Go Ara, Park Seo-joon and Park Hyungsik.



Movie Review: Rogue One

Clearly a famous name on its own, Rogue One is a new Star Wars movie to watch. With a great cast and detailed attention to the story line, this has been another superb Star Wars film. Though the movie has been filmed into a modern era we’re living now, the people behind the Rogue one movie made it sure to make the it appear like it was filmed decades ago – a classic movie indeed.

Rogue one: a Star Wars story is set between the Star Wars III and IV. The story line revolves around how Jyn Erso join ties with the Rebels to steal the Death Star’s blueprint in order for them to destroy it. Death Star is a huge moon-like weapon made by the Imperial army capable of destroying an entire planet, which was shown twice in the movie. Good thing that Jyn Erso’s father, Orson Krennic, was one of the brains who made Death Star possible. And through a hologram message from her father, the Alliance has a chance to defeat this humongous weapon. In the end, Jyn along with the other Rebels, successfully retrieved the blueprint for the Death Star, with them sacrificing their own lives. Of course, Darth Vader was present in the movie, killing the Alliance soldiers with his light saber in order to retrieve the Death Star’s blueprint. However, he was unsuccessful and the blueprint made it to the hands of Princess Leia (one of my favorite scenes in the movie).


Though there was no Star Wars beginning music and roll up as this is clearly a spin-off and not part of the entire series, justice has been given to this movie because of its great attention to the props, costumes and set design. As this was set between Star Wars III and IV, the people behind this movie ensured that this has to be set way back to that era. The casts were also excellent, especially Felicity Jones who played Jyn Erso. There were also humorous scenes mainly because of the blind warrior played by Donnie Yen. The appearance of the original Star Wars casts, Darth Vader, C3PO, R2-D2, Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia, made the movie more exciting to watch.

In the end, Rogue one is a Star Wars movie worth the bucks. It’s exciting and nostalgic especially for Star Wars fans.

Fantastic Beast and where to find them

Yey to another JK Rowling movie! Hearing the opening hymn took me back to the 8 Harry Potter films all over again. Good thing to know that this movie has sequels.

The movie started when Newt Scamander arrived in New York in search for one of his missing magical creatures. He was accompanied accidentally by Jacob, a muggle and Tina, a former auror. In his search for his missing magical creature, he was caught and detained by MACUSA and was accused even more because his briefcase (which contains the magical creatures) contains a Obscurus. Recent destruction and chaos caused by this Obscurus is bothering New York that’s why when Newt was caught red-handed Tina and him were sent to death. Fortunately Queenie, Tina’s sister, who is skilled in Legilimency overheard her sister’s mind and came to her aid. Meanwhile Credence, an Obscurial, is growing unstable and grew even more unstable when he was rejected by Grave, a skilled auror and director of Magical Security in MACUSA. Credence started creating massive chaos in New York which a lot of muggles saw in action. Newt and Tina tried to talked and calm Credence down but President Seraphina orded the aurors to kill Credence. After he was killed, Grave became furious and was later revealed to be the wanted dark wizard, Grindelwald. In the end, Newt helped to wipe the muggle’s memories away – even Jacob’s which sadden Queenie who grew an affection for him. Newt, before leaving New York, bump into Jacob once again and exchange briefcase which contains Occamy seashells which in turn can be his collateral for a bank loan for his dream bakery.


I haven’t read the book yet because I thought it was just stories about the different magical creatures from the wizarding world. But seeing movie made me want to buy the book now. 🙂 Thanks to JK Rowling and David Yates, the movie has the same feels from the Harry Potter movies, plus the great acting of Ed. The end was a real shocker because Johnny Depp portrays Grindelwald. All in all, it was a brilliant movie. Can’t wait for the next sequels! But first got to read the books! 🙂

Doctor Strange

Another Benedict Cumberbatch movie 😉 Doctor Steven Strange is a neurosurgeon who due to a tragic accident became a sorcerer under the guidance of the Ancient one. In there he learned sorcery and the different worlds beyond what he currently lived in which equipped him in defeating Kaecilius and Dormammu.

Kuddos to another magnificent Marvel movie! 🙂 The movie effects were really awesome and Ben’s portrayal of the magnificent and humorous Dr.Strange gave the movie more wow factor. The bond between Dr. Strange and his cape was really funny because the cape has a life and mind of its own. What really psych me is the first post credit scene where Thor is seeking for Dr.Strange’s help to find Odin along with Loki! Oh my! The two most handsome british actors in one movie! (One of the reason why I want to go/relocate to London ^.^) I can’t wait for Thor Ragnarok!

Suicide Squad

I’m a late bloomer for watching this controversial movie just now. 

Suicide squad is kind of an antihero team that was formed to perform dangerous missions. The squad comprises of Deathshot, Harley Quinn (my favorite villain now), El Diablo, Killer Croc, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang. In the movie, their mission was to eliminate Enchantress and save the world. Joker was also in the movie wherein he played his usual self, enigmatic and saddistic villain.

I found the movie fun and cool because of the different characters of the antiheroes. Fortunately I don’t really know anyone of them except for Harley and the Joker, because maybe if I knew their storyline I would probably dislike the film. For one (based on reading from wiki) Enchantress is not an enemy to the squad, instead she’s one of them. Its a good thing that the various characters of the antiheroes made the movie cool especially Harley because she can go from this fun girl to one hell of a crazy Joker’s lover. The Enchantress was amazing, too, with all her dark magic which was both creepy and awesome. All in all the movie is worth watching, another DC movie to add up.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Seeing the trailer of this movie entice me and my sisters that’s why last weekend we went to watch it.


It’s a story about Jacob, who has long been close to his grandfather Abraham. Ever since Jacob was young, his grandpa would tell lots of stories about a foster home for peculiar children along with the peculiar people he’s been with. Upon growing up, Jacob realized that the stories were not true but his closeness with his grandpa still remain. A lot has changed when his grandpa was brought down by an unknown being with his eyes stolen. After his grandpa’s death, and with his last words to Jacob, he set off to Wales to find the foster home his grandpa was talking about. It wasn’t long when he meet the peculiar children and Miss Peregrine, the caretaker of the foster home his grandpa has been telling him all along. Only then that Jacob found out that he’s also a peculiar because only peculiar people like him can enter the loop and see other peculiar people. Through Enoch whose peculiarity, (though I don’t see it as a peculiarity) is to use hearts to bring creatures and things to life, he learned that are other peculiars out there whose intention is to kill their own kind. And only Jacob and Abraham can see this holocaust (slender man T_T) who are kind of soldiers to these mean peculiar people and kills peculiar children like them. Now its up to Jacob to protect himself and the other peculiar children.

Its a children’s movie but a really good one. The peculiarity of the children in the movie are really interesting and kind of scary plus weird, especially the twins. I haven’t read the books yet but my sister told me that the 3 books were squeeze into the movie. I guess the story line clearly revolves around Jacob and the peculiar children’s adventures to keep each other away from the holocaust and the mean peculiar people. All in all, it was a good and friendly movie for children with a different story to tell.

Reply 1997

Its been a while since I watch a heart-warming Koreanovela that made me cry, laugh and fall in love all over again.


Reply 1997 is all about Shi-Won (Jung Eun-ji from Apink) and Yoon-Jae, who have been childhood friends ever since and found themselves falling for the other. They didn’t admit it to that easily and soon found many complications including the Tae-Woong, the older brother of Yoon-Jae. But fate lead them back to each other after several years of being apart, and thus a happy ending. To add up is their funny friends who have their own side of the story to tell. Hak-chan (Eun Ji-won from Sechs Kies – another k-pop boy group) is so funny because he’s like Raj in Big Bang Theory who even though is fond of girls, can’t even stand being around girls.Joon-hee (Hoya from Infinite) is just so cute especially because he likes Yoon-jae. Yoo-jung is Shi-won’s bestfriend and at time her rival to k-pop boy groups. And Sung-jae is the clown of the group who talks non-stop anytime, anywhere. What’s so interesting about this koreanovela are the craziness of korean girls to k-Pop (which I admittedly can relate to). And Shi-won favorite boy group is H.O.T which was the one of the original boy group formed by SM entertainment then. (Pardon for being a k-pop fan! 🙂 ) All in all this koreanovela is a must see! Plus Seo In Guk (Yoon-jae) is hot and is a great singer!

Watching this koreanovela, made me believe and want more that the guy I’ve been waiting for a while, is someone whom I really know and knows me too, already. Maybe I’m seeing now that its hard to start all over again with someone new but it wouldn’t hurt to believe, right? Maybe at that time we were together as friends, we weren’t ready for each other. But as they say, when the timing is right, all will fall into place.

I love this quote from the movie:

“People’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread?”


Sherlock Holmes

Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, for the past weeks I’m getting crazy over Sherlock Holmes (the TV series). At first I was not fond of it even though my sisters are very fond of it, but after getting Netflix, then getting curious about the TV series and watching the first episode, I can’t stop watching it especially with Benedict Cumberbatch in it *sigh*.

I first watched Sherlock in the movie where Robert Downey Jr. was Sherlock. It was a funny and intelligent movie. Sherlock is a very intelligent and skillful detective who has his ways of solving huge crimes in London alongside his best buddy John Watson. Robert portrayed the role very well that its one of my favorite movies because of its comedic genre plus Jude Law is such a hunk in that movie portraying as Dr. Watson. The TV series is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch as Shelock and Martin Freeman as John Watson. Sherlock in the TV series is a bit more less heartened guy in the first season, especially when he’s with other people because he and Mycroft (his brother) thinks highly of themselves. He’s also more enigmatic that only a few understands him. But all in all, both movie and TV are a good watch – a very interesting movie that can trick the mind.

Plus Benedict Cumberbatch is such a guy even though he’s married. He’s also best friend with Tom Hiddleston even though he’s with Taylor Swift *annoyed*. It makes me want to go and live in London more.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much!