This has been a hot topic lately and it can affect just about anyone. Depression can really put up a fight with you that it can consume your life. Due to various reasons like broken relationship with family, friends, colleague or significant other, stressful work, bullying, pressuring thoughts of other people towards you and just plain low self-esteem – depression arises. Its very easy to have yourself be eaten by depression but its so hard to get out from it. Its going to be your comfort zone that you always ran back to. The worst part is depression can lead you to a lot of negative thoughts even killing your own self.

I just feel sad whenever I read articles and news about it, especially if its someone I know. Its like help was never given to them or even if there was help, they still choose to go to the dark path.

I know the world is a cruel place to live but there is always hope. I have been to a lot of depression phase in my life but I never thought of ending my own life. I have to admit that I sometimes let it consume me but I just cry until I let it all out. I sometimes withdraw from people and listen to sad songs or watch sad movies, but that’s all to it. And during those times that I’m in my depression phase, I always think of my mom. Though when I think of her at first, I just cry more but after a while I’m okay.

There will always be someone to help you and there is always that one or more reasons to live on. As one of my favorite motto goes, “God gifted us this life because He knows we can take care of it.”

Ending your own life is not that answer to depression or whatever hardships you’re going through. Those struggles were not given to you not because you can’t do it, but because YOU CAN. Always seek help. Keep those people who knows you best and who you’re comfortable with close because they will always be the one to help you. Always find a reason to go on with life and seek God. He will always guide you every step of the way.

Keep fighting!!!


Getting back on track

I’m feeling all frustrated today because its Monday tomorrow and I don’t want to go back to work yet. I still have this sadness looming all over me because of some guy I shouldn’t even bother to think about because he’s worthless. Even though I want to hate and unfriend him, I’m not a child anymore to do that. There’s nothing more to do about it but to deal with it. I just hope and pray I’ll find the motivation to get back on track and focus on my goals. I need to find distractions again to keep my mind of it. I need to find my happiness again.

New habits

I can’t believe that after 40 days of not eating pork and beef and not indulging into social media except Youtube, I’ve come to develop new habits.

Today, even though my mom cooked me bacon for breakfast and roasted pork for lunch, I didn’t eat that much of it. I ate my usual viand which is fish and made myself full with fruits. I’m not craving for pork that much but I don’t know about beef. Maybe its a different thing when a juicy steak is right in front of me. I love steak!

I’ve also fasted on social media like Facebook, Buzzfeed, Instagram and Twitter. Out of all the four applications, Twitter is the one I’ve missed most and I think I posted about 4 tweets today. But with Facebook and Instagram, I’m fine even if I’m not using them. Plus with Facebook, I don’t post that much because there are non-sense comments at times and non-sense posts on my feed.

It really takes a huge amount of discipline to develop new and good habits. I’m so proud of me! 🙂

Scary day

Just this week, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake happened in one of the provinces here in the Philippines. And it happened again today but it has a 7 magnitude and its in the same province. The only difference from the other day and today was that it was felt on a lot of places in Luzon, Philippines. I thought I was just dizzy because I’ve just woken up from my afternoon nap and then I felt my bed shaking. However it was the earthquake happening already.

Earthquake are really scary because you’ll never know when and where it will struck. Buildings and infrastructures here in the Philippines are mostly frail and are not of good construction that’s why it will be a big mess if a huge earthquake happen, especially in Manila itself. All we can do is really prepare ahead and be alert at all times.

Climate Change

I’ve recently watched a NatGeo documentary entitled – “Before the flood”. It tackled the drastic climate change that is currently happening in our beloved Earth. From carbon emissions, continous consumption of fossil fuels and humans not being aware of how to conserve the natural resources we have at hand – these all results to global warming. Due to the excessive heat that we are currently experiencing, ice caps are continuously melting from the artic which leads to the high rise of sea levels. Our artic friends have nowhere to live as well because for them the ice caps are their land, and without it they will drown to their own death. The artic caps acts as the air condition of the earth and without it, the Earth will be summer forever. Continuous coal/fossil fuel consumption from factories, residential homes and cars are the contributors of the rising heat temperature. Deforestation are also a source of climate change because trees are also one of the air conditoning factor of the Earth and they are also the homes of many animals. With the continuous cutting of the trees, these animals have nowhere to live. Some are being relocated, and some unlucky ones die. These deforestation are also the source of great floods that we have been experiencing lately because there are no more trees to prevent the huge amount of water that comes down from the mountains. It just so sad to know that the Earth is continuously suffering because of our own doing – and we are not doing anything about it.

After seeing the documentary, I started to think what I can do on my own to stop global warming. Even before watching it, whenever I have a trash at hand I don’t usually throw it anywhere. Our country is prone to occasional floods, even my hometown, that’s why I always keep in mind to throw my trash to the proper trash can so as to avoid flooding. I also conserve energy at home or at the office by turning off appliances that are not in use. What I am going to do moving forward is to purchase an eco bag that I can use anywhere and avoid plastic or paper packaging to lessen garbage. One of the surprising thing that I learn from the documentary is to eat less or no beef at all. Because cows produce more methane than chicken or pig, and methane is one of the pollutants of our atmosphere. By eating less beef I can do myself and the Earth a favor. One last thing to do, is to spread the word and urge people around me to help prevent climate change.

We must act now or it will be all too late for us. Climate change is nearing our door step and once its in our doors, there’s nothing we can do stop it.

Finding peace

In my everyday life, there are a lot of noise, confusion, anxiety, and stress. And I’m wondering how on earth I’m keeping up and staying positive. Thankfully I have everything at hand to stay positive. But there’s one thing that really ease my soul whenever everything gets so confusing and that’s planning. It keeps me grounded and helps me to realize where I am. Though not everything are followed ar least I know where I should start. Good thing everything can be saved in the cloud nowadays so I can easily access remotely my files anytime, anywhere. It’s good to have something to keep me at peace and calm.


Dog lover

Dogs have been a huge part of my life ever since I had one. They are very talented creatures that are fun to be with, loyal, obedient, gets excited when they see you, intelligent, obedient and loves you more than they love themselves. Whenever I watch movies which has dogs in it, I get more sad when a dog dies. I literally cry my eyes out because I can’t stand seeing a dog die. Dogs are really loving creatures because they love their person so much that they can sacrifice themselves for them. I’ve seen many movies and real stories which shows the greatness of dogs.

In my life, we had so many dogs and I loved them all so much. There was this one dog that when she died, I really cried a lot because she was just a baby then. One of our first 2 dogs, even came back to our house after being given away by mother because their ticks had worsen. I remember also the dog that my ex-boyfriend gave to me, when he was bitten by one of our big dog and blood is gushing from his mouth, I ran after him even though I know its risky. When I caught him and told him that its okay, he calm down and stop crying. But probably one of the memorable dog we had, was Chuchai.

20121226_110611She’s a very protective, cheerful, loyal and sometimes stubborn dog who was always hungry that she can ate anything. She can put her paws in your hands when you say so. She was also allowed in our house at times but that was whenever mom was not around. But the one thing that I always remember about her was when the time that I was alone at home and I told her to come in the house to be my company. She didn’t hesitate to come in and just lay there on our floor and watch me sleep. Even though there were people passing by which gets her excited and noisy everytime, she didn’t made a noise because I told her I would sleep. She really can understand every thing we say to her. Too bad she died of old age and didn’t get to spend more time with her.

Currently we have 5 dogs and though there a bit of a headache at times, its not the same without them. Whenever I get home, they are the first thing I go to. My chow chow gets so happy and excited whenever he sees me and when he’s in a good mood he lets me pet him but for only a few minutes. That hot-tempered dog! 😛 Our labrador is also a joy, too. She’s a lot of fun because there’s a lot of energy in her. She can understand us but she’s stubborn at times. I really love dogs so much that I can’t stand being without them. They’re a great addition to one’s family because they can love everyone and be loyal to them for their whole lifetime.





One day while I was browsing in Youtube I’ve found these 2 videos about how will I meet my other half. The first video makes you look at a pool of letters to find the answer to various questions. The first question, what my future partner will notice first in me, and the first word I found made me laugh because its one of my traits which I always ask my friends to stop me if I’m too much and by the way its chatty. I tend to just babble about anything non stop, not even noticing if the one I’m with would like to talk. The second question is what I love in my future partner and its driven. The third question is where will we meet and this just made me smile because the first word I found was class. I mean who knows maybe its one of my high school or college batchmates then because I’ve been really praying that I hope my future partner will be someone I already know. And the last question and the first word I found gave me a really big leap of hope – How long will me and my future partner last and the word that I found is forever.

The second video I found has a number of questions about how will you meet your future partner. After answering those questions and calculating the points, the result gave me goosebumps. It says that I already found him. It said that we may not know for now how we feel for each other but we certainly know each other and in time we will realize our feeling for each other.

*Sigh* I wonder who could that be. I hope he comes my way soon.