I want to watch it again! Me and my friends were all laughing all the time while watching the movie because its very hilarious. Its like the main genre of the movie is comedy. All of the characters throws witty lines to each other especially baby Groot (even though he’s just saying I am Groot with his baby voice) and Rocket.



Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is about Peter and his gang, successfully saving the galaxy from villains until their encounter with Ego, Star Lord’s father. Due to his selfish intents, he starts impregnating different life forms from every planet he has been to in search of finding the second Celestial to gain power in the universe.

There are 5 end credit scenes in the movie and I think one of them is the most important for the upcoming Marvel movies and this is Ayesha’s creation of Adam Warlock. All of the infinity stones have been identified in the past Marvel movies and only of them is missing which is the soul gem. In the comics, Adam Warlock holds the soul gem and is one of the main characters in the Infinity War. I hope the next Marvel movie will show more details about him.



All in all Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 is a movie that is full of laughs. Its like every character has lighten up from their kind of dark personality from vol. 1 even Nebula. They have this familial vibe which makes them able to throw hilarious comments to each other.  And I really love baby Groot! He’s really a baby there that’s why he’s not that involve in the fighting scenes. He’s just dancing his way around during the fighting scenes. It’s a really cool movie that you won’t be bored watching. 🙂

Dancing baby Groot

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