New habits

I can’t believe that after 40 days of not eating pork and beef and not indulging into social media except Youtube, I’ve come to develop new habits.

Today, even though my mom cooked me bacon for breakfast and roasted pork for lunch, I didn’t eat that much of it. I ate my usual viand which is fish and made myself full with fruits. I’m not craving for pork that much but I don’t know about beef. Maybe its a different thing when a juicy steak is right in front of me. I love steak!

I’ve also fasted on social media like Facebook, Buzzfeed, Instagram and Twitter. Out of all the four applications, Twitter is the one I’ve missed most and I think I posted about 4 tweets today. But with Facebook and Instagram, I’m fine even if I’m not using them. Plus with Facebook, I don’t post that much because there are non-sense comments at times and non-sense posts on my feed.

It really takes a huge amount of discipline to develop new and good habits. I’m so proud of me! 🙂


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