Blogging challenge day 2: First morning thought

I want more sleep – that’s my first thought in the morning because I haven’t slept much last night. Maybe I’m not really used to sleeping with someone beside me that’s why whenever we have sleepovers I find it hard to really sleep. I realize that I have so many conditions or standards on so many things that I’m thinking if someone can really put up with me. Well someone did before but eventually he gave up. It doesn’t really bother me that much everyday, maybe because its not my priority right now. I hope when the time comes that all is well in my career and financials, he’ll come through. 

Follow up question on the first morning thought, if its negative is that how to change it to positive. I found a lot of outlets for negative thoughts like talking to friends, listening to music, playing mobile games, watching korean series, working or going out for a walk. Though the negative thought didn’t bother me in the morning but lack of sleep did. I was dizzy all afternoon that I was afraid that I’m going to faint. I badly need some snooze right now.


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