Blogging challenge day 1 – What made you happy today?

I know its a shallow thing but believe me, when your a programmer and your program works the way it should do, it can really make your day. So thats what happen to me today, the pr0gram that I’ve been agonizing for so many days now has finally worked. Another thing was that my long time crush is still single 🙂 Earlier today my friend told me that she and my crush are going somewhere and my crush is bringing along someone. At first I was stopping myself from asking who it is but eventually I asked in a way that its not obvious that I’m jealous. Our friends are not that 100% in favor of my affection for my crush thats why I just keep silent about it. Good thing that the friend his bringing along is a guy 🙂 Lastly, meeting up with friends and catching up can really change someone’s day and it did for me. 


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