Movie Review: Rogue One

Clearly a famous name on its own, Rogue One is a new Star Wars movie to watch. With a great cast and detailed attention to the story line, this has been another superb Star Wars film. Though the movie has been filmed into a modern era, the people behind the Rogue one movie made it sure to make the it appear like it was filmed during the time of Star Wars Episode IV – A new hope.



The story line revolves around how Jyn Erso join ties with the Rebels to steal the Death Star’s blueprint in order for them to destroy it. Death Star is a huge moon-like weapon made by the Imperial army capable of destroying an entire planet.

Star Wars – Rogue one movie poster



Though there was no Star Wars beginning music and roll up as this is clearly a spin-off and not part of the entire series. Justice has been given to this movie because of its great attention to the props, costumes and set design. As this was set between Star Wars III and IV, the people behind this movie ensured that this has to be set way back to that era. The casts were also excellent, especially Felicity Jones who played Jyn Erso. There were also humorous scenes mainly because of the blind warrior played by Donnie Yen. The appearance of the original Star Wars casts, Darth Vader, C3PO, R2-D2, Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia, made the movie more exciting to watch.

In the end, Rogue one is a Star Wars movie worth the bucks. It’s exciting and nostalgic especially for Star Wars fans.


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