Hwarang: The Poetic Warrior of Youth

A Koreanovela with lots of oppa! 🙂 Hwarang is about a group of gorgeous men who even though has their own history on their own, were merge together to form Hwarang - the Flowery Knights of Silla. Park Seo-joon plays as Moo-myung and Sun Woo. He has a very strong character who is not afraid … Continue reading Hwarang: The Poetic Warrior of Youth


Movie Review: Rogue One

Clearly a famous name on its own, Rogue One is a new Star Wars movie to watch. With a great cast and detailed attention to the story line, this has been another superb Star Wars film. Though the movie has been filmed into a modern era, the people behind the Rogue one movie made it … Continue reading Movie Review: Rogue One