Fantastic Beast and where to find them

Yey to another JK Rowling movie! Hearing the opening hymn took me back to the 8 Harry Potter films all over again. Good thing to know that this movie has sequels.

The movie started when Newt Scamander arrived in New York in search for one of his missing magical creatures. He was accompanied accidentally by Jacob, a muggle and Tina, a former auror. In his search for his missing magical creature, he was caught and detained by MACUSA and was accused even more because his briefcase (which contains the magical creatures) contains a Obscurus. Recent destruction and chaos caused by this Obscurus is bothering New York that’s why when Newt was caught red-handed Tina and him were sent to death. Fortunately Queenie, Tina’s sister, who is skilled in Legilimency overheard her sister’s mind and came to her aid. Meanwhile Credence, an Obscurial, is growing unstable and grew even more unstable when he was rejected by Grave, a skilled auror and director of Magical Security in MACUSA. Credence started creating massive chaos in New York which a lot of muggles saw in action. Newt and Tina tried to talked and calm Credence down but President Seraphina orded the aurors to kill Credence. After he was killed, Grave became furious and was later revealed to be the wanted dark wizard, Grindelwald. In the end, Newt helped to wipe the muggle’s memories away – even Jacob’s which sadden Queenie who grew an affection for him. Newt, before leaving New York, bump into Jacob once again and exchange briefcase which contains Occamy seashells which in turn can be his collateral for a bank loan for his dream bakery.


I haven’t read the book yet because I thought it was just stories about the different magical creatures from the wizarding world. But seeing movie made me want to buy the book now. 🙂 Thanks to JK Rowling and David Yates, the movie has the same feels from the Harry Potter movies, plus the great acting of Ed. The end was a real shocker because Johnny Depp portrays Grindelwald. All in all, it was a brilliant movie. Can’t wait for the next sequels! But first got to read the books! 🙂