Climate Change

I’ve recently watched a NatGeo documentary entitled – “Before the flood”. It tackled the drastic climate change that is currently happening in our beloved Earth. From carbon emissions, continous consumption of fossil fuels and humans not being aware of how to conserve the natural resources we have at hand – these all results to global warming. Due to the excessive heat that we are currently experiencing, ice caps are continuously melting from the artic which leads to the high rise of sea levels. Our artic friends have nowhere to live as well because for them the ice caps are their land, and without it they will drown to their own death. The artic caps acts as the air condition of the earth and without it, the Earth will be summer forever. Continuous coal/fossil fuel consumption from factories, residential homes and cars are the contributors of the rising heat temperature. Deforestation are also a source of climate change because trees are also one of the air conditoning factor of the Earth and they are also the homes of many animals. With the continuous cutting of the trees, these animals have nowhere to live. Some are being relocated, and some unlucky ones die. These deforestation are also the source of great floods that we have been experiencing lately because there are no more trees to prevent the huge amount of water that comes down from the mountains. It just so sad to know that the Earth is continuously suffering because of our own doing – and we are not doing anything about it.

After seeing the documentary, I started to think what I can do on my own to stop global warming. Even before watching it, whenever I have a trash at hand I don’t usually throw it anywhere. Our country is prone to occasional floods, even my hometown, that’s why I always keep in mind to throw my trash to the proper trash can so as to avoid flooding. I also conserve energy at home or at the office by turning off appliances that are not in use. What I am going to do moving forward is to purchase an eco bag that I can use anywhere and avoid plastic or paper packaging to lessen garbage. One of the surprising thing that I learn from the documentary is to eat less or no beef at all. Because cows produce more methane than chicken or pig, and methane is one of the pollutants of our atmosphere. By eating less beef I can do myself and the Earth a favor. One last thing to do, is to spread the word and urge people around me to help prevent climate change.

We must act now or it will be all too late for us. Climate change is nearing our door step and once its in our doors, there’s nothing we can do stop it.


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