Suicide Squad

I’m a late bloomer for watching this controversial movie just now. 

Suicide squad is kind of an antihero team that was formed to perform dangerous missions. The squad comprises of Deathshot, Harley Quinn (my favorite villain now), El Diablo, Killer Croc, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang. In the movie, their mission was to eliminate Enchantress and save the world. Joker was also in the movie wherein he played his usual self, enigmatic and saddistic villain.

I found the movie fun and cool because of the different characters of the antiheroes. Fortunately I don’t really know anyone of them except for Harley and the Joker, because maybe if I knew their storyline I would probably dislike the film. For one (based on reading from wiki) Enchantress is not an enemy to the squad, instead she’s one of them. Its a good thing that the various characters of the antiheroes made the movie cool especially Harley because she can go from this fun girl to one hell of a crazy Joker’s lover. The Enchantress was amazing, too, with all her dark magic which was both creepy and awesome. All in all the movie is worth watching, another DC movie to add up.


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