Movie review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Seeing the trailer of this movie entice me and my sisters that’s why last weekend we went to watch it.


It’s a story about Jacob, who has long been close to his grandfather Abraham. Ever since Jacob was young, his grandpa would tell lots of stories about a foster home for peculiar children along with the peculiar people he’s been with. Upon growing up, Jacob realized that the stories were not true but his closeness with his grandpa still remain. A lot has changed when his grandpa was brought down by an unknown being with his eyes stolen. After his grandpa’s death, and with his last words to Jacob, he set off to Wales to find the foster home his grandpa was talking about. It wasn’t long when he meet the peculiar children and Miss Peregrine, the caretaker of the foster home his grandpa has been telling him all along. Only then that Jacob found out that he’s also a peculiar because only peculiar people like him can enter the loop and see other peculiar people. Through Enoch whose peculiarity, (though I don’t see it as a peculiarity) is to use hearts to bring creatures and things to life, he learned that are other peculiars out there whose intention is to kill their own kind. And only Jacob and Abraham can see this holocaust (slender man T_T) who are kind of soldiers to these mean peculiar people and kills peculiar children like them. Now its up to Jacob to protect himself and the other peculiar children.

Its a children’s movie but a really good one. The peculiarity of the children in the movie are really interesting and kind of scary plus weird, especially the twins. I haven’t read the books yet but my sister told me that the 3 books were squeeze into the movie. I guess the story line clearly revolves around Jacob and the peculiar children’s adventures to keep each other away from the holocaust and the mean peculiar people. All in all, it was a good and friendly movie for children with a different story to tell.


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