Doctor Strange

Another Benedict Cumberbatch movie πŸ˜‰Β Doctor Steven Strange is a neurosurgeon who due to a tragic accident became a sorcerer under the guidance of the Ancient one. In there he learned sorcery and the different worlds beyond what he currently lived in which equipped him in defeating Kaecilius and Dormammu.

Kuddos to another magnificent Marvel movie! πŸ™‚Β The movie effects were really awesome and Ben’s portrayal of the magnificent and humorous Dr.Strange gave the movie more wow factor. The bond between Dr. Strange and his cape was really funny because the cape has a life and mind of its own. What really psych me is the first post credit scene where Thor is seeking for Dr.Strange’s help to find Odin along with Loki! Oh my! The two most handsome british actors in one movie! (One of the reason why I want to go/relocate to London ^.^)Β I can’t wait for Thor Ragnarok!


Climate Change

I’ve recently watched a NatGeo documentary entitled – “Before the flood”. It tackled the drastic climate change that is currently happening in our beloved Earth. From carbon emissions, continous consumption of fossil fuels and humans not being aware of how to conserve the natural resources we have at hand – these all results to global warming. Due to the excessive heat that we are currently experiencing, ice caps are continuously melting from the artic which leads to the high rise of sea levels. Our artic friends have nowhere to live as well because for them the ice caps are their land, and without it they will drown to their own death. The artic caps acts as the air condition of the earth and without it, the Earth will be summer forever. Continuous coal/fossil fuel consumption from factories, residential homes and cars are the contributors of the rising heat temperature. Deforestation are also a source of climate change because trees are also one of the air conditoning factor of the Earth and they are also the homes of many animals. With the continuous cutting of the trees, these animals have nowhere to live. Some are being relocated, and some unlucky ones die. These deforestation are also the source of great floods that we have been experiencing lately because there are no more trees to prevent the huge amount of water that comes down from the mountains. It just so sad to know that the Earth is continuously suffering because of our own doing – and we are not doing anything about it.

After seeing the documentary, I started to think what I can do on my own to stop global warming. Even before watching it, whenever I have a trash at hand I don’t usually throw it anywhere. Our country is prone to occasional floods, even my hometown, that’s why I always keep in mind to throw my trash to the proper trash can so as to avoid flooding. I also conserve energy at home or at the office by turning off appliances that are not in use. What I am going to do moving forward is to purchase an eco bag that I can use anywhere and avoid plastic or paper packaging to lessen garbage. One of the surprising thing that I learn from the documentary is to eat less or no beef at all. Because cows produce more methane than chicken or pig, and methane is one of the pollutants of our atmosphere. By eating less beef I can do myself and the Earth a favor. One last thing to do, is to spread the word and urge people around me to help prevent climate change.

We must act now or it will be all too late for us. Climate change is nearing our door step and once its in our doors, there’s nothing we can do stop it.

Suicide Squad

I’m a late bloomer for watching this controversial movie just now. 

Suicide squad is kind of an antihero team that was formed to perform dangerous missions. The squad comprises of Deathshot, Harley Quinn (my favorite villain now), El Diablo, Killer Croc, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang. In the movie, their mission was to eliminate Enchantress and save the world. Joker was also in the movie wherein he played his usual self, enigmatic and saddistic villain.

I found the movie fun and cool because of the different characters of the antiheroes. Fortunately I don’t really know anyone of them except for Harley and the Joker, because maybe if I knew their storyline I would probably dislike the film. For one (based on reading from wiki) Enchantress is not an enemy to the squad, instead she’s one of them. Its a good thing that the various characters of the antiheroes made the movie cool especially Harley because she can go from this fun girl to one hell of a crazy Joker’s lover. The Enchantress was amazing, too, with all her dark magic which was both creepy and awesome. All in all the movie is worth watching, another DC movie to add up.

Finding peace

In my everyday life, there are a lot of noise, confusion, anxiety, and stress. And I’m wondering how on earth I’m keeping up and staying positive. Thankfully I have everything at hand to stay positive. But there’s one thing that really ease my soul whenever everything gets so confusing and that’s planning. It keeps me grounded and helps me to realize where I am. Though not everything are followed ar least I know where I should start. Good thing everything can be saved in the cloud nowadays so I can easily access remotely my files anytime, anywhere. It’s good to have something to keep me at peace and calm.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Seeing the trailer of this movie entice me and my sisters that’s why last weekend we went to watch it.


It’s a story about Jacob, who has long been close to his grandfather Abraham. Ever since Jacob was young, his grandpa would tell lots of stories about a foster home for peculiar children along with the peculiar people he’s been with. Upon growing up, Jacob realized that the stories were not true but his closeness with his grandpa still remain. A lot has changed when his grandpa was brought down by an unknown being with his eyes stolen. After his grandpa’s death, and with his last words to Jacob, he set off to Wales to find the foster home his grandpa was talking about. It wasn’t long when he meet the peculiar children and Miss Peregrine, the caretaker of the foster home his grandpa has been telling him all along. Only then that Jacob found out that he’s also a peculiar because only peculiar people like him can enter the loop and see other peculiar people. Through EnochΒ whose peculiarity, (though I don’t see it as a peculiarity) is to use hearts to bring creatures and things to life, he learned that are other peculiars out there whose intention is to kill their own kind. And only Jacob and Abraham can see this holocaust (slender man T_T) who are kind of soldiers to these mean peculiar people and kills peculiar children like them. Now its up to Jacob to protect himself and the other peculiar children.

Its a children’s movie but a really good one. The peculiarity of the children in the movie are really interesting and kind of scary plus weird, especially the twins. I haven’t read the books yet but my sister told me that the 3 books were squeeze into the movie. I guess the story line clearly revolves around Jacob and the peculiar children’s adventures to keep each other away from the holocaust and the mean peculiar people. All in all, it was a good and friendly movie for children with a different story to tell.