Reply 1997

Its been a while since I watch a heart-warming Koreanovela that made me cry, laugh and fall in love all over again.



Reply 1997 is all about Shi-Won (Jung Eun-ji from Apink) and Yoon-Jae (Seo In-guk), who have been childhood friends ever since and found themselves falling for each other. They didn’t admit it to that easily and soon found many complications including Tae-Woong, the older brother of Yoon-Jae.

To add up are their comical friends who have their own side of the story to tell. Hak-chan (Eun Ji-won from Sechs Kies) is so funny because he’s like Raj in Big Bang Theory. His fondness of girls in restricted videos makes him too shy to talk to them in person. Joon-hee (Hoya from Infinite) is a cute dancer especially because he likes Yoon-jae. Yoo-jung is Shi-won’s bestfriend and at time her rival to K-pop boy groups. Sung-jae is the clown of the group and his mouth is unstoppable whenever he starts ranting about stuffs. What’s so interesting about this Koreanovela are the craziness of Korean girls to K-Pop (which I admittedly can relate to). Shi-won’s favorite boy group is H.O.T which was one of the original boy group formed by SM entertainment then. They popularized songs like Candy and We are the future. Another mentioned K-pop boy group here is Sechs Kies. They are known for their songs like School Anthem.


I love this quote from the movie:

“People’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread?”

Humor always gets me whenever I watch a movie or TV series and this Koreanovela has a lot of funny episodes.  Its also made me remember my high school days which consists of crushes, laziness in studying, and friends.

My most favorite and relatable thing about this Koreanovela is the fan girl moments of Shi-Won and Yoo-jung over H.O.T and Sechs Kies. I am a confessed fan girl myself that’s why I can relate very well with Shi-Won’s craziness over H.O.T’s Tony An.

All in all this Koreanovela is a must see! Plus Seo In Guk (Yoon-jae) is hot and is a great singer!


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