Baking 101

Due to watching cooking shows daily, I’ve started baking again. I used to baked brownies and cupcakes before but because of procastination, I always set it aside even though I have all the ingredients and materials I need. So last weekend, I’ve started baking again and I baked my favorite brownies. Thankfully, it was delicious and it passed my sister’s taste because she’s the chef in our family. And of course, it also passed my mom’s taste πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of baking croissant which is one of my favorite pastries, but I think I’ll have a go with a regular bread first. πŸ˜›



Reply 1997

Its been a while since I watch a heart-warming Koreanovela that made me cry, laugh and fall in love all over again.


Reply 1997 is all about Shi-Won (Jung Eun-ji from Apink) and Yoon-Jae, who have been childhood friends ever since and found themselves falling for the other. They didn’t admit it to that easily and soon found many complications including the Tae-Woong, the older brother of Yoon-Jae. But fate lead them back to each other after several years of being apart, and thus a happy ending. To add up is their funny friends who have their own side of the story to tell. Hak-chan (Eun Ji-won from Sechs Kies – another k-pop boy group)Β is so funny because he’s like Raj in Big Bang Theory who even though is fond of girls, can’t even stand being around girls.Joon-hee (Hoya from Infinite) is just so cute especially because he likes Yoon-jae. Yoo-jung is Shi-won’s bestfriend and at time her rival to k-pop boy groups. And Sung-jae is the clown of the group who talks non-stop anytime, anywhere.Β What’s so interesting about this koreanovela are the craziness of korean girls to k-Pop (which I admittedly can relate to). And Shi-won favorite boy group is H.O.T which was the one of the original boy group formed by SM entertainment then. (Pardon for being a k-pop fan! πŸ™‚ )Β All in all this koreanovela is a must see! Plus Seo In Guk (Yoon-jae) is hot and is a great singer!

Watching this koreanovela, made me believe and want more that the guy I’ve been waiting for a while, is someone whom I really know and knows me too, already. Maybe I’m seeing now that its hard to start all over again with someone new but it wouldn’t hurt to believe, right? Maybe at that time we were together as friends, we weren’t ready for each other. But as they say, when the timing is right, all will fall into place.

I love this quote from the movie:

β€œPeople’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread?”