Dog lover

Dogs have been a huge part of my life ever since I had one. They are very talented creatures that are fun to be with, loyal, obedient, gets excited when they see you, intelligent, obedient and loves you more than they love themselves. Whenever I watch movies which has dogs in it, I get more sad when a dog dies. I literally cry my eyes out because I can’t stand seeing a dog die. Dogs are really loving creatures because they love their person so much that they can sacrifice themselves for them. I’ve seen many movies and real stories which shows the greatness of dogs.

In my life, we had so many dogs and I loved them all so much. There was this one dog that when she died, I really cried a lot because she was just a baby then. One of our first 2 dogs, even came back to our house after being given away by mother because their ticks had worsen. I remember also the dog that my ex-boyfriend gave to me, when he was bitten by one of our big dog and blood is gushing from his mouth, I ran after him even though I know its risky. When I caught him and told him that its okay, he calm down and stop crying. But probably one of the memorable dog we had, was Chuchai.

20121226_110611She’s a very protective, cheerful, loyal and sometimes stubborn dog who was always hungry that she can ate anything. She can put her paws in your hands when you say so. She was also allowed in our house at times but that was whenever mom was not around. But the one thing that I always remember about her was when the time that I was alone at home and I told her to come in the house to be my company. She didn’t hesitate to come in and just lay there on our floor and watch me sleep. Even though there were people passing by which gets her excited and noisy everytime, she didn’t made a noise because I told her I would sleep. She really can understand every thing we say to her. Too bad she died of old age and didn’t get to spend more time with her.

Currently we have 5 dogs and though there a bit of a headache at times, its not the same without them. Whenever I get home, they are the first thing I go to. My chow chow gets so happy and excited whenever he sees me and when he’s in a good mood he lets me pet him but for only a few minutes. That hot-tempered dog! 😛 Our labrador is also a joy, too. She’s a lot of fun because there’s a lot of energy in her. She can understand us but she’s stubborn at times. I really love dogs so much that I can’t stand being without them. They’re a great addition to one’s family because they can love everyone and be loyal to them for their whole lifetime.




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