The first time I loved forever

I’ll admit that I keep on thinking about him from time to time. I wonder how he’s doing, if he’s happy, if he’s well and if he’s gain some new friends.

He’s the first man I ever loved with all of me. I gave all I can for him even after he broke me because I still love him. I’ll admit that a part of me is willing to give us a chance but only if I see him persist to get not only my trust but everyone who is dear to me also.

I’m grateful to have known him because I think a huge part of me is because of him. Yes, I’ve changed a lot when he broke me but he showed me a love that is so real that up to now I still believe in it. He loved me so much that I can’t see anybody else but him. I can’t see myself with someone else but him because I see myself as a difficult person to love.

But fate doesn’t want us together anymore and its a reality I have to face. I know from the day that I realize that I have to stand up and start again, that our parting of ways is for the better. Its painful but it is necessary. I wouldn’t be where I am now if we didn’t part ways. I maybe single now but I know God has plans for me. I still love him and I know it wouldn’t go away that easy – it will only fade as time passes by. If me and him are really meant for each other, in time everything will fall into place but if we are not really for each other, I know that it is for the good because there are other people who needs us much more than we need each other.

I’m just happy that I’ve known someone like him and that he showed me how real love can be.



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