One day while I was browsing in Youtube I’ve found these 2 videos about how will I meet my other half. The first video makes you look at a pool of letters to find the answer to various questions. The first question, what my future partner will notice first in me, and the first word I found made me laugh because its one of my traits which I always ask my friends to stop me if I’m too much and by the way its chatty. I tend to just babble about anything non stop, not even noticing if the one I’m with would like to talk. The second question is what I love in my future partner and its driven. The third question is where will we meet and this just made me smile because the first word I found was class. I mean who knows maybe its one of my high school or college batchmates then because I’ve been really praying that I hope my future partner will be someone I already know. And the last question and the first word I found gave me a really big leap of hope – How long will me and my future partner last and the word that I found is forever.

The second video I found has a number of questions about how will you meet your future partner. After answering those questions and calculating the points, the result gave me goosebumps. It says that I already found him. It said that we may not know for now how we feel for each other but we certainly know each other and in time we will realize our feeling for each other.

*Sigh* I wonder who could that be. I hope he comes my way soon.



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