An unusual novel that I just finished just recently.

Everyday by David Levithan is about A. He/she is someone whose been traveling from one body to another – living the lives of different persons everyday. All was the same until he met Rhiannon. He embodied Justin’s (Rhiannon’s boyfriend) body and spent one blissful day together with her and since then he can’t stop thinking about her. Even though its dangerous for him to do so, he makes his way to see Rhiannon even though its different person everyday. Until one day, he entered a wrong body and that person thought (the day after) that he was possessed. This doesn’t bother much A at first because he was to fixated to Rhiannon that he end up confessing everything to her. They fell in love with each other even though Rhiannon was confused on how they’ll be starting a proper relationship if A is a different person everyday. After all, looks still matters to every person. In the end, A and Rhiannon parted ways and A started a conquest to learn more about what he really is, if there are others out there like him and if he could stay on one person’s body not for one day but for a lifetime.


The book taught me one thing – to live in the present. I normally get anxious of what tomorrow could bring especially if there’s a special event ahead and I get too depressed on the past because there are some things and people who I wish I had more time to spent with. But this book, I learned that its far more important to live in the present because this is what we can control. Not everyday is the same.

Not every people will still be here tomorrow or the next day or the next month. There’s no point in dwelling with the past because its gone and there’s no point in getting anxious in the future because its yet to come though at times preparation can be in place. The people, job, home, life, environment – everything we have now are what matters.


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