Sherlock Holmes

Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, for the past weeks I’m getting crazy over Sherlock Holmes (the TV series). At first I was not fond of it even though my sisters are very fond of it, but after getting Netflix, then getting curious about the TV series and watching the first episode, I can’t stop watching it especially with Benedict Cumberbatch in it *sigh*.

I first watched Sherlock in the movie where Robert Downey Jr. was Sherlock. It was a funny and intelligent movie. Sherlock is a very intelligent and skillful detective who has his ways of solving huge crimes in London alongside his best buddy John Watson. Robert portrayed the role very well that its one of my favorite movies because of its comedic genre plus Jude Law is such a hunk in that movie portraying as Dr. Watson. The TV series is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch as Shelock and Martin Freeman as John Watson. Sherlock in the TV series is a bit more less heartened guy in the first season, especially when he’s with other people because he and Mycroft (his brother) thinks highly of themselves. He’s also more enigmatic that only a few understands him. But all in all, both movie and TV are a good watch – a very interesting movie that can trick the mind.

Plus Benedict Cumberbatch is such a guy even though he’s married. He’s also best friend with Tom Hiddleston even though he’s with Taylor Swift *annoyed*. It makes me want to go and live in London more.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much!

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