It’s been a while

A lot of stuff has happened since I’ve last posted something on my blog. Been busy with work lately and with someone that I shouldn’t be dealing with anymore. And now I’m taking the step to distant myself from that someone because I just want to be free. I want to do this for myself because I don’t want to settle with someone like him. Today made me feel that the whole universe is telling me that I am on the right path – from the horoscopes I’ve read online and from yesterday’s episode of a Filipino television show. It made me realized more that being alone for now is not a bad thing but rather a good thing to love and know myself more. It made me feel also that by doing this solitude thing, it makes me one step closer to finding my forever. I maybe by myself now, but I am happy because of a lot of things and people. I know that in God’s time, I will have my own happy ending. Just believe.


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