Enjoying solitude

My best friend always tells me to enjoy the luxury of being alone because I can discover a lot of things about myself and I’ll learn how to stand on my own. It was really hard at first that I kept on ranting to her how sad it is to be alone (I’m such a lucky girl to have her because she doesn’t get tired of me šŸ™‚ ). But nowadays I savor my alone time even in my own home. Whenever I go to the mall or some place with or without companions, I feel like a child excited to explore the world. Sometimes even if I’m with friends and we’re outside, I choose to just listen to them. I’m even thinking of exploring a new place by myself, hopefully next year (though things will probably change if I met someone new ā¤)

This is a new side of me that I don’t know if its good or bad. All I know is I need this so that I can be independent and take on life confidently. Honestly, with this solitude phase in my life, I can’t picture myself being with someone new. Though I really want to have someone in my life for the longest time, I don’t know how will I be dealing with him or if he can accept claudz version 3.0 šŸ˜› It’s like I’m Robin of HIMYM (fave TV series). She’s someone that is very independent, career-driven, boyish and afraid if commitments (but I’m not afraid of commitments).

Oh well, I hope this phase will lead me to the path of my future partner whom I know will accept and understand me and everything dear to me. šŸ˜Š



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