My best friend always tells me to enjoy the luxury of being alone and being independent. It was really hard at first that I kept on ranting to her how sad it is to be alone.

But nowadays I savor my alone time even in my own home. Whenever I go to the mall or some place with or without companions, I feel like a child excited to explore the world. Sometimes even if I’m with friends and we’re outside, I choose to just listen to them.

In my new quests for solitude, I want to learn how to not be too dependent. I was used to have my world revolving only to just one person that I forgot who I am and also my friends. I don’t want to be that kind of person when I get into a new relationship again. I want to be my own and complete person not someone who is looking for someone to complete her.

Solitude is a lifestyle I am learning to embrace nowadays. Don’t believe that its a sad kind of thing to do but know that its a necessity everyone must learn to do.



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