Movie review: Batman versus Superman

First off, I’m so amazed by Wonder Woman! Though she’s not really one of the popular characters in the DC world but she can turn down and beat anyone up and in a very cool way. She’s really amazing. Thumbs up! 👍 #girlpower

The first part of the movie led me to be a bit confused of the storyline maybe because I don’t really know much about Superman. But the latter part really blend it all the way – 2 superheroes fighting for what they believe in and in the end joined forces to kill a monstrous being. The fights in the end were really cool! 😎 It really showed how powerful Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (especially her). I must admit also that I’m impressed on how Ben Affleck gave justice to being Batman. I was hesitant before because I really liked Christian Bale as Batman but Ben played the part very well. And Henry Cavill is so *sigh* handsome, a boy next door 😍.

All in all the movie for me is 9 out of 10. Great movie! 👌


Addicted to Tom

Even though he’s a very evil villain in Thor (who I had crush on, too, especially his abs 🙂 ), Tom played his part as Loki too well that instead of hating him, I loved him since then. He’s a really good actor that he plays his roles very well even if its a villain or a protagonist. I most specially love it when he’s being passionate with a woman. 🙂 The audience are being smitten on the way he sweeps his partner off her feet. It’s like he can go from being on rage to being a very caring and gentle man. I even watched one of his movies, Crimson Peak, even though I don’t like watching scary movies myself! *Sigh* He’s so dreamy – a mere perfect guy.

Oh Tom! You’re very manly! 🙂 🙂

Enjoying solitude

My best friend always tells me to enjoy the luxury of being alone because I can discover a lot of things about myself and I’ll learn how to stand on my own. It was really hard at first that I kept on ranting to her how sad it is to be alone (I’m such a lucky girl to have her because she doesn’t get tired of me 🙂 ). But nowadays I savor my alone time even in my own home. Whenever I go to the mall or some place with or without companions, I feel like a child excited to explore the world. Sometimes even if I’m with friends and we’re outside, I choose to just listen to them. I’m even thinking of exploring a new place by myself, hopefully next year (though things will probably change if I met someone new ❤)

This is a new side of me that I don’t know if its good or bad. All I know is I need this so that I can be independent and take on life confidently. Honestly, with this solitude phase in my life, I can’t picture myself being with someone new. Though I really want to have someone in my life for the longest time, I don’t know how will I be dealing with him or if he can accept claudz version 3.0 😛 It’s like I’m Robin of HIMYM (fave TV series). She’s someone that is very independent, career-driven, boyish and afraid if commitments (but I’m not afraid of commitments).

Oh well, I hope this phase will lead me to the path of my future partner whom I know will accept and understand me and everything dear to me. 😊


Thanks for making me smile

I had this crush for a friend of mine for so long now that even though we rarely talk or see each other, my feelings for him still stayed the same through the years. I know this sounds crazy but everytime we have overnights or dinner, I’m really excited because I can be with him a little longer. Sounds highschool right? I can’t even explain to my friends why I like him. I just do! 🙂 I guess one thing that I like about him is that when we’re together, I can talk to him about anything because like me, he’s interested in a lot of things. Another thing is he really likes to pissed me off but I found it cute. *Sigh* Every moment with him is such a bliss. Wish I could have more time with him. 🙂



Same old love

I keep on playing this one song from Silent Sanctuary, the one with the title of “Pasensya ka na.” I really can relate to this song nowadays because I’ve grown tired from this one person in my life. I’m getting tired of all the drama and how insensitive he is to everything. He’s not the guy I used to know, and no matter how hard I think that I can forget everything he did… the truth is I can’t. The damage resonates not only to me but to my family and friends as well. Even if I can accept him in my life, unfortunately my family and friends can’t. They love me too much to give me away to him and I’m glad for that. I’m both glad and sad for this realization. I’m sad because I know he doesn’t have any friends to confide with but I know he can live with it. And I’m glad because I’m free. In time, I can face my future partner whole heartedly. 🙂