If you want to binge watch on a TV series with light humor and a group of friends you might find yourself in, How I met your mother is the one to watch.


How I met your mother tells the story of Ted’s journey to finally meeting the mother aka “the one.” It also tells the life story of Ted’s friends and their hang outs in MacLarens pub.

Ted Mosby is played by Josh Radnor.

He is a die-hard romantic and an architect who, for the whole span of the TV series, has been in search for the love of her life. He’s best friend with Marshal and Lily ever since their college days. He’s also been made the wing man of Barney and has been told to always suit up! He also develop romantic feelings with Robin since the start of the season.

Marshall Eriksen is played by Jason Segel.

Marshall is the comedic environmental lawyer of the gang. He is Ted’s best friend and Lily’s husband. They’ve been together since their college days and got married eventually in the series. Marshall and Barney played a very funny bet in the series that got Barney slap hard many times.

Lily Aldrin is played by Alyson Hannigan.


Lily is like the mother of the gang. She has a caring character that always looks after her friends. She is an artist and a Kinderschool teacher. She is Marshall’s wife and she is best friends with Ted and Robin. Lily has a funny fetish with getting to close with Robin that materialize due to circumstances later in the series.

Robin Scherbatsky is played by Cobie Smulders.

Robin has a go-getter and independent attitude. Being raised by a strict dad, who trained her like a boy, Robin developed a strong and boyish attitude. She is the last to join the gang and became the love interest of Ted. She also became the best friend of Lily.

Barney Stinson is played by Neil Patrick Harris.


The playboy and the rich guy of the gang. Barney or Swarley loves to suit up and fool around with women. He has a playbook which contains the different stints he does to win a woman but to only fool around. He has also a lot of suit collections that he even had a room for those in his apartment. He claims himself to be Ted’s best friend and he also develop romantic feelings with Robin.


The TV series has a real shocker in the end. I’m in the middle on this controversial ending because I like the chemistry of the characters. However, I got a bit sad for Ted because he had been in search for the mother aka “The one” to only come to a not that good end.

The chemistry and humor of the gang is what caught me watching this TV series. The witty and geeky conversation of Marshall and Ted, the inability of Lily to keep secrets, how the gang mocks Robin’s Canadian background and Barney’s sly pick-up line with women. What adds up to its fun is their guest stars. like Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

Ted’s journey to finding the one also made me follow HIMYM. Even though he endured many failed relationships and almost gave up finding the one, his friends push him to believe and just wait.

couple in love in autumn

I like how HIMYM made me laugh in each of their episode. HIMYM also has a lot of things to share about friendship, life and love that’s why I don’t get tired on watching it over and over again.

Overall, How I met your mother is the TV series to binge watch especially if you want to see Marshall and Barney’s slap bet and who is the real mother. 😛


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