Day 28: Describe a moment when you made a big, bold move. In any area of your life.

Probably the biggest move I’ve made in my life is my onshore stint in the land down under (Australia). I was forced out of my comfort zone then because I dealt with new people and new place. It was both frightening and exciting at the same time. I was lucky to have a great friend with me because he helped me to not only got through our work there but also what I am dealing back then. We traveled, we watched tennis, we went to the gym, we cooked, we went to the market, we went to the zoo to see live kangaroos (but they are walking not hopping!), in short it was my most unforgettable travel so far. Ever since then, going back to Melbourne has been on my bucket list. It sure is one of the most liveable and friendliest place in the world. Hoping to call it my 2nd home soon! 🙂

Ride old trains for free!
First time to watched a real tennis game. I think it was Victoria Azarenka playing then


My first tennis ball!


Artworks are everywhere here in Melbourne. Lots of artists!
Platform 9 3/4? Nah! Its Flinders station
Happy Australia Day!




Hey there sleepy head! Cute Koala 🙂


Didn’t even saw a joey and they didn’t even hopped! 😦 But still happy to see kangaroos



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