Day 26: What is your biggest dream in life, career, love, etc? And what steps are you taking or do you need to take to bring it to fruition?

My biggest dream for my career is to reach the top of the ladder for my chosen career which is a Peoplesoft Consultant. At this point of my life, I want to grow my technical and social skills to be able to deal more with clients and my colleagues. I want to lead and deploy a project successfully. Right now, even though I just recently got back to my previous employer, I was given a project to lead. As early as now, I’m studying the requirements needed by the client and I am trying to execute the tasks early on to avoid cramming which leads to poor quality. I’ll be taking on online courses related to my career as well so that I’ll be more productive and effective consultant.


Be the kind of leader that you would follow

The biggest dream I have for my life and love is entangled with each other. The biggest dream in loveΒ in my life right now is to meet the one and be with him so that we can start our road to forever. And my biggest dream in life is to have a family of my own that’s why the dreams I have in life and love is really entangled. Because I know my dream will come into fruition once I met the one. πŸ™‚

Right now, I’m just enjoying my life while I’m still single so that when the time comes that I’ll be called to be a wife and a mom, I’ll be able to fulfill my duty wholeheartedly.

Ultimate goal in life πŸ™‚

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