I read an article regarding waiting early this morning. It was a fun read because it taught me that in waiting we can learn a lot of things like humility, patience, joy of endurance and perseverance. Yes, its true I’ve learned all those things while waiting and still learning. Patience is really the hardest one because I am a very impatient person. Maybe because I was a spoiled brat that I always get what I want but ever since that incident happened to me, I learned that not all things can be ours. I get stubborn at times on wanting something or someone but at the end of the day if I feel like its really not for me, I raise the white flag immediately. In that article, I also thought the feeling I will have if that thing or person I’m waiting will finally be mine. Will I be thankful? Will I be in awe? Is it something that I expected for? I hope in time when that person I am waiting for come into my life, all my questions before and now will be answered and my life will change for the good.


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