My most difficult breakup was a 7 years old relationship. We broke up because he had somebody else. Though it was a painful experience, I’ve learned a lot about relationships because of it.

  1. Karma is everywhere. What you do to others, good or bad, will return to you ten times fold. That’s why, we should all be careful of the things we do for others.
  2. It’s not how long you are in the relationship together to really tell how well you know the person. Time changes everyone
  3. Love is always a choice. No matter how hard times will be, if you truly love a person, you will choose him over and over again because that is true love.
  4. Staying with someone is not just about being in love but being responsible and God-fearing also. If you are one of which, even though you feel less for the person, you’ll always find a way to work things out and try so that the relationship can work.
  5. It takes two to tango. Sometimes no matter how much one of you tries to work things out, if the other one is not into the dance anymore, no matter how difficult it is, you have to let go. But for me this is a different thing for married couples especially if there are children involved.
  6. Sometimes, being strong is the only option. This does not apply to heartbreak only but to all kinds of problems. Giving up is never an option.
  7. Yes its hard to move on from someone that gave you so much, but he/she is only just one person. Look around, a lot of people loves you and will always be there for you no matter what.
  8. Be open to new things and new people. It helps a lot and who knows, one of those new people is the one.
  9. Love yourself. For the meantime that you haven’t met your new partner again, focus on yourself. Explore new things. Get fit. Get busy!
  10. God is your bestfriend. This is the ultimate lesson I’ve learned so far. He will hear your prayers and tears anytime, anywhere. Wheneve you feel like it, pray and He will listen. It lifts up the spirit as well.

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