Day 12: Your proudest accomplishment

The best accomplishment I ever had so far is the fact that I conquered the most devastating experience I had – the man I used to love and I thought is my prince charming left me. The day after we broke up, I thought its the end of the world. I don’t know where to start, where to go. All I want is to be with him and fix things, but I guess I felt that time that I don’t have anything to fight for that’s why I let him go. It was a hard journey. I cried a lot. My life was at pause that time because I can’t think of anything to do with my life. But my family and friends were there for me 24/7. Even though I continuously tell them how hurt I am, they never got tired of comforting and mending my broken self. They helped me to stand up and be where I am in life right now. Up to now that he came back, they were like my wall, shielding me from him because they don’t want me to have that downfall again. I am proud and happy where I am now, he’s the one who even said that he envy me because even though we parted ways, I’m happy and experienced a lot in life. Yes, I still love him, but that’s all to it.



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