Day 3: Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

I felt this kind of feeling when I was with my previous company and my manager and lead were pushing me to this guy. I thought it was just a joke and that he was super friendly so I just ride along. But all along he has the intention of courting me. Fast forward, I declined his intention because I don’t like him. That time, I was really thinking that what If I have a partner or someone is courting me, then my weekends will be ruin. My weekends that are spent sleeping, eating, watching my favorite TV series with my sisters, going out with friends, playing game consoles or just any games and playing with my dogs. Yes its lonely to be single but sometimes its fun because you don’t have to ask someone for permission if I can do this or that, or if I can go out with my friends or just sleep. I really felt that time that being single is awesome and I don’t want to ruined it that time when that guy tried to court me.


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