Not anymore

It’s both exciting and scary of what’s ahead of me now. Thanks to the recent wedding of my best friend, I nowΒ understand why everything has to happen. I may not fully appreciate it but I know it led me to where I am now and its for the best.

Ever since I was a young girl, I always dreamt of wedding to be magical and perfect. Its funny though, because I’ve been broken a lot of times but still, I believe that soon enough I will have my happy ending. I will soon meet my prince charming and I know that me and him are perfectly made for each other. We may not know the reasons why we didn’t meet earlier but we know that we are for each other and our meeting soon is the perfect time.

The life I want for myself and for my future family, the magical wedding I am picturing ever since I was a little girl, the overseas opportunity I want to achieve and the love I’ve been waiting are theΒ things that the man I used to love and know can’t give. These things made me realize that I deserve the best and he definitely can’t give me the best there is in life. It made me free. It made me happy even though I’ve been solo for a while because I know I am being directed to the path where I should really be because at the end of it, is the man who I’ve been waiting for all of my life. What happened to us these past months, is definitely a closure between us two and a realization for me that everything between us is done.

Yes, I am afraid of the unknown but I’m also looking to forward to it knowing that everything is perfectly made for me. πŸ™‚