Maybe I still love him

I can’t stop talking about him. When I talk about him, I say things or stuffs we did before that are mostly the happy ones. Though sometimes I say things that he did to me especially the cheating one but I can’t help it. Sometimes I think that he is still my soul mate even though I know that he is happy now. I can’t stop thinking about that time when I first saw him in our school (when he started courting me) that sudden rush of feelings is so incredible. Its like in the movies where everything is at freeze and blurry, and you only see him. I remember everything about him. I sometimes feel sorry for everything that I’ve done wrong to him and that’s why I’m more accepting now of how things have been for us. Maybe because its for the best. Maybe because we aren’t for each other. I know somewhere deep inside me, I still love him. And I know one day it will all just fade away. Especially when my happiness, my soul mate comes to my life.


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