Dreaming of you

I’ve dreamt of my friend whom I like twice, yesterday and today. Weird thing though because I’m not thinking about him lately and what I’m dreamt of is him showing his affection to me. I even felt like we’re holding hands for real! 😂 What’s even peculiar about my dream is that one person who keeps on popping out of it when I’m with somebody else. Its like he doesn’t want me to be happy or be with somebody else. But who cares, its just a dream. I’m not opening up to the idea that my friend would like me and besides he’s way too young. Even though he’s mature and all, I still can’t shake off the idea that he’s younger than me. And besides he’s a friend, that’s more important.


Happy 2015!

Another 365 days ahead of me! I’m so fortunate for everything that had happened to me. Though some of them are painful, I know that it happened for a reason and those things and people made me strong. I know a lot of things has change especially my work, its scary but at the same time exciting. I really hope that I will come to love my new work and my new work will love me as well and not stress me out! 😁 I’m also excited for a lot of things especially the plans I have for this year. I really hope everything will work out for the best! Cheers to a new year! 😁🍻