The world will not stop for you

It’s always a mystery to me on how I can cope on things or events in my life, especially loss. At first I always thought that I can’t do it or I can’t surpass such events. I tend to shut myself out from everyone. Its like no one can ever understand what I’m going through. And its like I have the worst feeling/experience ever. But as days passed by, or even just for a day (after getting too dramatic over things and crying my eyes out), I feel fine. God has His way of making things right and making me feel okay. He puts people or things in my life to soothe my loneliness and to comfort me. I always feel blessed whenever I think of how I rise every time someone or something knocks me down. Despite of everything that had happened bad to me, I know I am lucky because I still have everything and I still get what or who I want. Those people or things that left me, were simply not for me. Better things are coming. I know it will.



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