2014 goals

It’s fulfilling to have a list of goals that you want to achieve everyday, something you can look forward to doing. Like last year, I achieved almost 90% of my goals and whenever I looked at it, I feel accomplished. And now, I have a list of things I will definitely do this year.

Summer outing trip for family

I am a traveler myself and I had explored lots of places by now. One of my goals and leisure in life right now, is to share my travel experience with my family. First place we went to was Ace Water Spa in Pasig. We stayed overnight in the hotel and had a 4 hour experience in their water spa. It was really relaxing especially the hot herbal pools, calms the mind and nerves. Me and my sisters had a blast spending the night in Ace hotel and water spa that we are going back again next week!

Three sisters

Me and my sisters dining out in Johnny Rockets at Shangri-la Mall


Selfie before taking the dip


Water world!

Second stop is Club Balai Isabel in Batangas. I had been here twice with my friends that’s why I want my family to experienced the place, too. Club Balai Isabel is a large resort overlooking Taal lake and Taal volcano. It has a hotel and villas that travelers can choose from. It has also lots of facilities like swimming pools, sports activities, spa, restaurants, etc.

I felt like a tour guide once we were there because I literally know the place. I even know how to navigate to the wet market where me and my mom bought dry and wet goods for our dinner and breakfast.


Party all night long with my sisters and my cousin. My evil sister even took a video of me laughing continuously because I’m a bit tipsy then.


My pretty mom 🙂


Sunny view of the Taal lake

I’m pretty sure that I will be going back to Brunei by the year end. But I’m not that excited about it because I’ve been there a lot of times. What I’m looking forward to is my dream place :). Kuala Lumpur! My dad will not be coming home for the holidays that’s why we are the ones who will be going to Brunei. I told them that we could have at least 3 days vacation on Kuala Lumpur. I even said that I’ll be paying for the first night in the hotel. I really wish that my parents, especially my dad, would allow us to go there! I want to see the Petronas towers so bad. 🙂


I so want to see you!

It’s really fulfilling to give and let others experience the leisure of travelling. That’s why its one of my goals to treat my family somewhere they haven’t go to every once in a while.

Travelling friends

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling for the past four years and I’m so lucky to have my friends in the office to go with me. We even done backpacking in Bangkok. It was really an adventure because all we had is a map! Me and my friend even got lost and the ever so reliable map helped us on our way back to the train station. So for this year, we have some places that we plan to go.

First place we went to is Puerto Galera. Two of my friends celebrated their birthday here. When you want to see the beach by the day and party at night, this is the nearest place to be near Manila. It’s just a 2 hour bus to Batangas Pier and 1 hour boat ride to the island.

We really felt the summer heat that we didn’t swam in the beach that long. We even bought booze and just took the party in our hotel.
But it was another one of our memorable moments to date.


Best way to chill out on a summer heat! Halo-halo! 🙂


It’s a good thing the place wasn’t a bit crowded. The beach isn’t something Puerto Galera can boast about but the mix of beach and party is something we kept going back to.


Puerto Galera sunset. Though I’ve seen it a lot of times, it doesn’t fail to mesmerize me.

Our next stop will be in Bantayan island in Cebu. I love Cebu, its the 2nd place I could live in (of course Manila is my first) here in the Philippines. Me and my family have been there a lot of times because my dad’s relatives resides there.

Bantayan island is one of the popular sights in Cebu. Can’t wait to go there in July! Hope the weather will bear with us.


Hope to see a view like this soon!!!


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