Remember what you deserve

I know I deserve the best there is in life in everything. I even said it to my ex that he doesn’t deserve me. But right now, I am settling for less than what I really deserve.

I know mending one’s self should be done by you only. Yes, you could seek help and advice from friends but everything should be done by you. I was on the right track from the start though it was really hard because I was never used to it. All was well then I took a turn. At first everything was going smoothly, I was able to cope more easily but things have gotten so deep that it was hard to escape. Everyday I kept on digging deeply that climbing up to escape is really hard now. I want to say that I never asked for this but saying it won’t do anything right now. I’m here in this situation right now that I know from the start is risky but still I went through it. It’s all my fault that I took the wrong turn, that I didn’t put my walls high, that I trusted my broken heart to someone who at first mend it then eventually broke it apart again and that I am in this situation right now.

And now, even though I know how to escape, I just can’t. I’m just so stubborn and trusting that’s why people always take advantage of me. I know somewhere in time I should put a stop to this, maybe not now but I know in time everything will just stop and go back to where its supposed to be.

I deserve better and I’m saying this again, I should not be settling for less than what I deserve. And he’s not definitely that someone.


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