Challenges and leisure ahead

I was busy last Saturday filling up my calendar with work and leisure activities. It feel so great to look forward to something everyday because you know that you will accomplish something at the end of the day. It may not be a success at first but at least you’ve try to do something about it.

This year, I feel like I will really be moved out of my comfort zone because there are a lot of responsibilities that calls for it. I know I must take on it if I want to achieve the goals I set on for myself. Though its nerve wrecking at first, eventually I will get used to it and who knows, that is where I am good at. Thankfully I have a supportive boss and group of friends, who always got my back. My boss had believe on me from the start he took over the team. He always pushes us to do something challenging every now and then and he really believes that we can do it. Lots of professional challenges ahead and I’m so excited to take on it!



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