Busy weekend

I’ve done a lot of things this weekend. First of, I’ve conquered the treadmill for 30 minutes. It’s like my body is used to it that running on it for 30 minutes is just a piece of cake. I love that feeling that you’re sweating a lot from exercising and when you look in the mirror, you’ll just be amaze! Yeah, I’m so loving the slow transition of my body. I have lots of travelling to do this year which needs wearing bikinis that’s why I really need to work my ass off! Second thing I’ve done this weekend was iron all our clothes. Every time I woke up in a weekday morning, I’m frustrated because I can’t find anything to wear because all of them have not been ironed. That’s why I took the liberty of ironing all our clothes this weekend and it was really tiring. I can’t even move my right hand this morning because of the tons of clothes that I’ve ironed. Lastly, I’m trying my best to get my mind off someone that’s why I kept on switching from on task to another this weekend. I don’t want to just sit and bother my mind off that someone and not do anything productive. I just miss him that’s all but I won’t stop myself from doing anything productive everyday. Our small talks doesn’t suffice. I need to see him because I really miss him so much. *Sigh*

Well tomorrow is another day and its MONDAY!! Need to catch some sleep or I’ll be late again!


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