Thanks 2013!

It was a really wonderful year 2013 is for me. I’ve got to travel to new places, meet new friends and discover a lot about myself. There were a lot of bumps and pain all through out the year but I conquered it all. I became much stronger with all the pain and criticism I’ve been through. It was really hard of course because I’m in the hunting game again, not knowing if the guys lingering around me have true intentions.

2013 was really a great year for me because I’ve really felt that God is not letting me down. He’s always by my side all through out the year, taking care of my needs whenever I asked Him. I’ve really learned the lesson that God can answer my prayer easily if He knows that its time but will let me wait if He sees that the thing or person I’m praying for is not for me. He wants the best for all of us. He planned our lives carefully before we were even born. I’m really glad that God is always by our side.

I won’t also forget the guy that helped me through it all. Of course God, my family and friends helped me to moved on but this guy really sacrificed a lot to helped me. He knew what I needed, what will helped me moved on and what will make me forget. He took care of me, look out for me and was always there for me whenever I needed him. However, I must let him go. I must learn to stand on my own because I don’t want to ruin anything because he has a family. I must also take care of my feelings and just focus on things God wants me to take care of. Goodbye my friend, thank you and I’m sorry. This is really final.

Stop the drama! Thank you for all the happenings 2013!

WELCOME 2014!!! I’M READY!!!


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