I’m finally learning

“Expectation ruins everything.”

Those are the words I’m living on right now. When you expect anything from anyone, the end point could be 2 things: you can get what you want and be happy or you’ll not get what you want and you’ll be so disappointed. It’s better that you’ll just let it be. Go with the flow and just live with the present.

Yes I’m really on guard with my feelings now because I don’t want to hurt again. Based from past experiences, if someone really likes you, he will really make a way to talk to you. He will be the one to carry the conversation and you’ll be totally comfortable with him. I believe that it’s not wrong to put my walls high because I know that someone will really push to break and enter my walls. Though its really hard for me to control my feelings, but what choice do I have? I don’t want my heart to break over and over again. I must learn to play the game well. I will only let my guard down to the one I feel that is really worthy.


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