My daily fortune

I found my daily horoscope today very real. It says that I’m really longing for someone or something that I want. And instead of being depress or stress about it since its not with me, I should just stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the journey towards that someone I’m really wishing for. I keep on telling myself that I should just really savor the now and not worry about what lies ahead of me. I should just believe that in time it will be given to me.

One time, my colleague told me that everything she asked before regarding the break-up she had with her partner had been answered now. I hope in time mine will be answered too. Of course, I have questions of my own regarding our break-up. Why did he do that, how did he come to betray me, why aren’t we talking now, does he even think about me, is he happy… Those sort of questions. But whenever I’m down to this question if he really did love me, my always answer (Not being conceited) is yes he always do. I know that the woman treat me as a threat because she can feel that my partner still feels something for me. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I still love him. And I really don’t want to come to the point that if he comes back, I would take him back. That’s why I’m really wishing that God would give me my someone on my birthday or soon. I deserve the best, I know it. I should be given the best because I am the best.