What goes around comes around

He cheated on me after all. I thought all along that he respected me that much that he broke up with me first before being with that girl but we were all fooled. Me, my family, his family, our friends – we were all fooled. If it wasn’t for our huge fight, he would still be with me and I’ll be fooled all along by them. God is good because He didn’t let that happened. He triggered that fight which led to our break-up which was good because God doesn’t want me to be fooled. Even though I’ve cheated on him back then, I made up for all of it during the last 3 years were together. But I guess this is God’s punishment for me for all the pain I’ve caused him even though I was really sorry for all of it.

But still, I pity him. I pity him for what he has become, what he is now and whose with him now. He aged a lot. He doesn’t even look happy now not because I’m bitter or anything. I know his happy face. Why wouldn’t I know, I’ve been with him for 7 years. I’m just sad that he turned out to be like that. He turned out to be the person he said he wouldn’t be. By the looks of them, only the girl is happy not him. I just wish that he wouldn’t regret leaving me. Leaving what we had, leaving all our dreams together. I will definitely not take him back.

I’m proud of myself because I somehow made it. Even though I’m single right now, I’m still happy. Though of course sometimes, loneliness strikes but I manage. I just cry and let it pass. Its better this way than being with someone I know I’m not contented. Someone I always push to change, someone who can’t control me, someone who doesn’t motivate me and push me to change, someone who can’t decide for himself, someone who doesn’t have plan for us, someone whose a cheater. He’s not I want all along. I want someone who will really love me, motivate me, support me, help me to improve on myself and my endeavors, care for me, make sweet surprises, not deceive me and someone who will be with me forever. I deserve the best. I know God has one for me. πŸ™‚


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